Diploma CORA-100...1100 and WACORA

CORA - all Russian cities at your home!

Cities Of Russia Award

CORA-100...1100 и WACORA


Cities Of Russia Award

The Cities Of Russia Award - 100 (CORA-100) is established by Irkutsk Award Group
and issued to HAMs (and SWL) of all the world for providing QSOs with
HAMs in one hundred various cities of Russia.

Awards CORA-200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1100 are issued as separate
awards for contacts with the appropriate quantity of cities..


The award Worked All Cities Of Russia Award - WACORA is established
by Irkutsk Award Group and issued to HAMs of all the world for contacts with HAMs in ALL cities of Russia.
The award WACORA is accompanied with a wooden plaque.

Awards are issued in different categories taking into account:


- For contacts made on one of the band 1.8, 3.6, 7, 10, 14, 18, 21, 24, 28
and on any UHF band or irrespective of a band (MIXED BANDS)


- For contacts made with: CW, SSB, FM, SSTV, RTTY,
PSK31 or irrespective of a mode (MIXED MODES)


for contacts made through the satellite


- For contacts made with the power (OUTPUT) less than 5 Watt


- For contacts made with the power (OUTPUT) 0.5 Watt or less

All contacts must be made after January, 01, 2005.

Contacts made with settlements having the status of a city at the moment
of QSO are counted.

Contacts made
with ground stations, including mobile, on rivers and lakes are counted.
All contacts should be made by the same person with any callsign and from any place. If the
applicant has had several callsigns under which he/she provided QSOs for the award then
these callsigns must be marked in the application.

Terms of an application for the award

The application for the award is made in ascending order of appropriate numbers of cities.

The application should contain QSOs' data:

the name of the city,

the date,

the band,

the mode,

the callsign.

The power Standard/QRP/QRPp is specified in the title of the application.
If contacts were made through satellites it also must be marked in the title of the application.

The application
should contain a confirmation from national radioamateur league or two HAMs
having the license that QSL-cards are at possession of the HAM and the data in QSLs corresponds
the data in the application. Or QSL-cards must be sent to the award manager for checking
to the address given below.

The form of the application is applied.

Each award costs 10 Euro (or 12 USD), including S&H of the award to a HAM. The cost of a board is 35 Euro,
including S&H.

If QSL-cards were sent then it is necessary to cover costs of the return delivery of QSLs.

The address of the award manager:
Vasili Maslyukov - UA0SN, POB 10, Listvyanka, 664520, Russia
e-mail: vasyamas@gmail.com


If one completed terms for one of the award he/she can
send us an electronic application for the award.

Send us an electronic version of the application
and the paper version of the first (title) page.

As far as we get the electronic version of the
application we will reserve the award number.

When we get the paper application (first page)
and payment we shall issue the award and send it.

The appendix:

1. The list of all cities of Russia and their appropriate numbers.

2. The form of the application for awards CORA and WACORA.


RK0SYY antenna

RK0SYY is a club station created by Irkutsk Award Group.

The station is on a coast of lake Baikal in Listvyanka village.

The team of the station carry out various expeditions over lake Baikal, visiting islands,
and working from other places around Baikal lake.

You can also take part in the work of the station and expeditions.

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